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If you head to New Orleans Square, be sure to check out this little secret. Past the entrance to Pirates, there’s a small restaurant called the Royal Street Veranda. If you look right above, you’ll see a balcony that has Walt and Roy’s initials crafted in gold. Not many people stop to notice it due to the beautiful intricate detail of the railing.ImageThe balcony was part of another apartment Walt was going to have built. However, Walt passed away in 1966 and Roy dropped the plans feeling the apartment would not be the same without him. Around the mid 1980’s, the Imagineers turned the apartment into The Disney Gallery, displaying paintings and other valuable items.


(Here’s me back in ’07 in front of the chair Capt. Jack Sparrow sat in in Dead Man’s Chest.)

They closed the gallery in August of 2007 and moved it to Main Street. The space is now home to the Disneyland Dream Suite.